Home Cells

Home Cell

At Hospital Chapel we have several ‘Home Cell' in different zones within Abuja. These settings enable us to enjoy the benefits of mini-chapel life within a large chapel.
Living in a city like Abuja you can find yourself surrounded by people in every context of life, yet can sometimes feel isolated and distant from meaningful friendships.

At Hospital Chapel, living in genuine community is very vital to us, and it’s actually God’s design for the believer to be plugged into a vibrant counter-culture, full of meaning and purpose.

In the large chapel setting like Hospital Chapel, it’s important that the fabric of the community is well-structured. Overseen by godly men and women, we have a structure which fits our society that is varied and caters for all ages.
Whether you’re young, a professional, a student, a parent, married, single or retired, there is a context where you can feel you belong.

What does this community look like?

Our city is divided into ‘Zones’ which comprise a number of Home Cells in a given geographical area.