Teenagers Dept.

Teens / Adolescent

The Teens (Adolescent) Church is created to cater for the spiritual and other specialized needs (social, emotional and academic) of teens from ages 13 -19.

Our Core Mandate

a. To nurture the teens through personal discipleship thereby enabling them to grow into maturity in Christ Jesus as Youths;
b. To prepare and equip teens with life skills in addition to their academic pursuits;
c. To build in the teens the capacity to stand for their faith in Christ and influence their immediate environment at all times     under any condition and price; and

d. To ultimately lay a strong foundation for men and women with kingdom mentality that will positively impact the nation   and humanity in their generation.

Our Activities:

Our activities span the following realms: Spiritual, psycho-intellectual, Social, Physical and Emotional realms. They include and not limited to: Sunday Fellowship, Bible Study and Exposition, Seminar and Workshops, Annual Teens Camping, Picnic and Birthday Parties, Sexuality education, Sports and Games, Debates and Quiz, Character Study, film show, Project and Research work on given topics and issues, listening to life testimonies and career talks, long vacation (summer) life skill training & lessons etc.
How we do it

The Teens church has four (4) mentoring, coaching, games and activity groups led by their teachers shared among those groups. There is yet another two groups for boys and girls; here all the male teachers and female teachers join the boys and girls groups respectively especially during such discussions as border on their sexuality.
Our Meeting Venue and Time:

The Chapel’s Multipurpose Hall host the teens on Sundays as scheduled below.

  • Sundays School                          -        9am - 10am
  • Sunday Fellowship                     -        10am-12noon
  • Sports and Indoor games holds on selected Saturdays

The teens’ weekend holds during the long vacation (between July and September) yearly. 

The Facilitators

There are voluntary and dedicated teachers out of the membership of the Chapel who prepare and monitor the execution of the programmes under the coordination of an Elder and supervision of a Pastor from the team of Pastors of the Chapel. A host of resource persons are also engaged from within and outside the Chapel as the need arises. These teachers are re-trained from time to time to match the dynamism of the teen’s department.
Our Service Units:

  • The teens are also taught how to take responsibility through engagement in the following service units:
  • The Music & Band Unit
  • Ushering Unit
  • Drama Unit
  • Sanctuary Keeping/Organizing Unit