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God is Self-sufficient Featured

Speaker: Brother Samuel Dangana

Date: 10-05-2020

Topic: God is Self-sufficient

Text: John 5:26, Psalm 36:9, 1 Cor. 15:45, Acts 17:24-25, 28

God possesses within Himself every quality, ability, and supernatural command with unending measure. This means God contains all, who gives all that is given, but who Himself can receive nothing that He has not first given.

This is a very unique attribute of God among others that we have studied recently.

In the past weeks, we saw Him as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. By now, this understanding should have increased our faith tremendously in our God.

During this trying and unusual times, it is only the All-Sufficient that is our refuge and help. Hallelujah.


The Self-Sufficient God is infinite and unfathomable, His ways are past finding out. In order to know Him and relate with Him, He had to make a way for us in His Son Jesus Christ. Col. 1:15-20

This is a life-giving revelation!

It is only through Jesus that we can actually know Him. This is achieved through accepting and having a relationship with Jesus. Matt. 11:27

Remember the following:

Acts 17:24-25 : God needs nothing!

Acts 17:28 : He is the sustainer of all things

Rom. 11:36 : Everything is created for His glory. Rev. 4:11


Since God does not depend on anything or anyone, that makes Him into a powerful God that will be able to rescue us in any moment of our life.

Since God is self-sufficient, He has everything necessary to supply the needs of His children no matter the circumstances in which they may find themselves.

As God is self-sufficient, He is the only one that deserves complete adoration and the unconditional submission of our own lives, our talents, time and material goods.

As God is self-sufficient, he created everything out of nothing, which makes him into the absolute owner; we are only administrators of the  “multiple blessings of God“.

Only through the faithful practice of Christian stewardship can we enter in intimacy with a self-sufficient God.


 In all the areas of our lives we are to put God in first place, “at the head “

 Place God first in our family, our material things, and our work. We should not fear because if God is self-sufficient, he is able to provide us with everything necessary in our life.

 Meditating each day in the self-sufficiency of God would make us Christians with a more solid faith and less afraid of the future.

May the Spirit of God guide us always in the understanding that the God whom we serve is self-sufficient from eternity and unto eternity.


 Let us pray:

Thank the Lord because He alone is able to rescue us from any situation of our lives

Thank Him because He supplies all our need through Christ Jesus our Lord

Let us surrender all that we have (Gifts, talents, resources, time, advantages etc) to Him in total submission for His purpose and pleasure

This our God created all things and all men to worship Him. Let’s pray for Muslims at this season of Ramadan, that God will reveal Himself to them

The gallows that the devil has erected in Covid-19 to steal, kill and destroy God’s creation, shat be turned against him by the all and self-sufficient God. Amen

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