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Sunday 03.05.20 Message

Messenger: Bro Ike Ugwuanyi

Texts: Mal. 3:5-6, Num.23:19, Jam. 1:17, Heb.13:8


We have been looking at the attributes of God for some weeks now. During these weeks we have seen that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. It is important to reiterate that the greatest need of man is the knowledge of God (Jer.9:23-24), especially at such critical time in history as we are in today. Remember that only those who know their God shall be strong and shall do exploits (Daniel 11:32 paraphrased). It’s also important for us to know that God is knowable. One of the ways is by knowing His attributes.

God is immutable:

Immutability refers to inability to change, therefore, that God is immutable means that He cannot change. That means He is both unchangeable (state of being) and unchanging(behaviour). Everything that is created, including man has the ability to change in search of perfection or imperfection but because God is not in want of any of these, He cannot change. The reason why God is infallible (inability to make mistake or be wrong) is simply because He doesn’t change. God is eternal by nature and one of the implications is that He is constant apart from being timeless. Imagine a situation where everything and everybody including God is changing and none is constant or permanent, there will definitely be chaos, anarchy and no reference point in life.


Since God does not change, our life (our inner man) is not at the mercy of the changing world or events,

If only on the changing cycle of life that our life is anchored, then we shall be of all creatures to be pitied,

God’s purposes and promises don’t change; therefore our faith can rest on Him, notwithstanding our sins, fluctuations and failings. This is because God does not turn from His love, nor cancel His promises simply because we falter, but He can send us warnings and even discipline us,

Because God doesn’t change, we can trust that all His promises and plans for us shall come to pass irrespective of the changing events like COVID-19.


1.Pray that the Holy Spirit will open our eyes of understanding (Eph. 1:15-18) to see the implications of the immutability of God

2.Pray that with the understanding of God’s immutability, our faith in Him will soar at this difficult time of change

3.Pray that since God who is our anchor is unchanging, even if the Earth be removed, we shall not be moved (Ps.46:1-2)

4.Pray that since His promises in the past never failed we will trust that His promise to us that this plague will not come near our dwellings (Ps. 91:10) will not also fail

5.Pray that God’s eternal purpose in allowing this pandemic will be fulfilled

6.Finally, pray that God will comfort, heal, and save the nations.

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