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God is Omnipotent Featured

Sunday Service for 26-Apr-2020


 SPEAKER: Bro Oganyi Omadachi

 TEXT: Ps 62:11, 1Chrn 29:11-12, 2Chrn 20:6, Matt 28:18

For sometimes now we have begun some exposition to the attributes of God. All these are meant to help sharpen our understanding, perceptions and expectations of God as our Relationship gets deeper with Him.

Our Topic for today is a look at God being OMNIPOTENT. The Word Omni implies ALL and the Word POTENT simply means Powerful. Putting it together, it means our topic is same as GOD IS ALL POWERFUL. This is who He has been, who He still is and will continue to be. Amen. The Scripture showed us no less neither the works of His hands. Our God is the source of all powers. All powers derive their existence from Him (Heb 1:3)

Putting it in the Words of Jennifer Slattery, “God is Matchless in Power, He is unconquerable and always victorious”. That is the God we serve even now and forevermore. Hallelujah!!

Hold unto God’s word at a Time like these, wait and hope on the Lord and you will not be disappointed. God’s power is on your side therefore you can boldly say

“… If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” Rom 8:31


  • God is More Powerful than our problems no matter how complex
  • God is more powerful than the Illnesses we have ever seen or heard of
  • God has power over everything we fear; known and unknown
  • God can keep us safe at all Times even in Turbulent, unprecedented and unpredictable Times
  • God can see you through any and every situation that comes your way in Life
  • Nothing overwhelms or outwits God
  • Everything answers to God, even your God
  • God has the final say in and over everything


  • Appreciate Him PS 9:2
  • Believe in Him 2Tim 1:12
  • Trust Him & His Word Prov 3:5-6
  • Have Faith in Him & His Word Acts 27:23-25
  • Cast Your Cares on Him 1Pet 5:7
  • Cast out Fears, Doubts & Lies Ps 91:5, 23:4


  • Lord Help us to Trust in you
  • Help us to Believe in your Word
  • Help us to Live out our Faith in you
  • Break the hold of fears & Lies in and around us and in our Nation
  • Lord intervene in the War against this pandemic in our Nation and around the World, show your Almighty Power
  • Heal, deliver & Save the Sick, even those already infected

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