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God is Omniscient Featured

Sunday service = 19/04/2020

 Topic = God is omniscient

 Speaker= Pastor Godwin Idowu

 Text= Psalms 139: 1-10

Foundation scripture

Matthew 6:8, Matthew 10:29-30, 1John 3:20, psalms 139:15-16, Jeremiah 16:17, Hebrew 4:12-13, Isaiah 46:9-10, psalms 147:5, Job 37:6, Exodus 3:7, 1 Samuel 2:3.

 Two weeks ago, we looked at one of the attributes of God which says God is omnipresent, God is everywhere. He is in Nigeria, He is in Abuja, He is in your home also. Last Sunday we saw the risen Christ (He is risen), death could not hold Him captive, He is right now seated in the right side of the Almighty God interceding for you and me.

Today we are considering the fact that God is omniscient. 

Omniscient means having knowledge of all things; universal knowledge. The word comes from two Latin roots "Omnis" which means " all " and Scientia is the same word that we get our English word “science" from.

  When Christians says God is omniscient, they mean that God knows all things - the past, present, and future. God is the source of all knowledge. God also knows all the potentialities of any situation. God knows every person's thoughts even before they think it.

 * He is omniscient, which means that He knows is one free and effortless act all matters, all spirit, all relationships, all events. A.W. Tozer

Job 37:16= The Hebrew word " Taman " translated in this verse to "perfect ", it means perfect, but it also means complete, finished. Nothing is missing from it, it is unblemished and has complete integrity.

# God's knowledge is perfect, complete, and infinite

# He knows what the world is going through right now

# He knows your heart

# He knows your thought

# He knows your struggles

# He knows your strength

# He knows your weaknesses

# He knows what you need

# He knows what you lack

# you cannot deceive Him

# you cannot hide anything from Him (Hebrew 4:13)

# you must be plain before Him

# Make sure you are living right .................................


Isa 46:9-10, Isaiah 45:21-22, Exodus 3 :7-8, psalms 139: 1-10

= O Lord we ask that the council of God shall stand in Jesus name

= O Lord we ask that the will of God be done all over the world in Jesus name

= O Lord we will look unto God and we shall be saved in times like this in Jesus name

= O Lord we ask that you come down for our sake in the name of Jesus

= Father we pray that you will lead us in the name of Jesus

= Hold us with thy hands O Lord.

                               REMAIN BLESSED IN JESUS NAME.

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